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How to Pay for College: The Basics of Financial Aid

Paying for a college degree can seem like an impossible task. The evening news often reports on increasing tuition costs and schools that charge tuition fees upwards of $50,000.
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Value of a College Education

College degrees are thought to be extremely valuable. After all, if you have a degree, you’ll be able to get a better job with a higher salary. It’s true - a college education is an investment with a great return, and here’s the proof to demonstrate just how much it pays to go to school.
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Balancing School, Work and Life

It might seem nearly impossible to go back to school for a college degree when you’ve already got a full-time job and a busy personal life at home to worry about.
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Benefits of Going to School (Why Degree is Important)

Maybe you’ve already heard it: college equals opportunity. Well, it’s true. There are plenty of career opportunities that can be had without a college degree...
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Most Popular Career Fields

With the economy in such a bleak state, many people believe there are no jobs to be had. While many corporations are downsizing and laying off employees by the thousands, there are still companies that are growing.
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Going Back to School in a Bad Economy

After a layoff, going back to school is certainly a tempting option. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being back in the classroom, learning the skills for a new career.
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